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Explore the Joy of Acting with
Diane Hardin.

-Private Coach
-Career Consultant

Diane is committed to taking
you on a journey of discovery
that will build confidence and
spark creativity.


  • Fall & Winter Schedules Announced!

  • Don't miss the Tony's June 7th! One of our students is nominated! SEE IMPORTANT Student News!

NYC Intensives

Explore improv, sensory work and scene study in Diane Hardin's New York Intensives!


Bob Marks will continue with musical workshops this Summer and Fall. Diane will join him in 2016. Dates TBA

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Diane is available to help you experience successful auditions. Diane offers sessions in both Los Angeles and NYC. Please contact Diane by email to schedule a private coaching session.

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"I wouldn't be where I am today without Diane! There is a magical light inside of Diane that she so graciously spreads through her teaching. She is a beautiful and inspiring human being."

-Bailey Noble
True Blood


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